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Reward System Work Flow

1) Fist of all you have to create a free account on our site

2) After creating an account you will receive 300 CG coins immediately

3) How to earn more CG coins

i) Referencing to your friends : The best way to earn more CG coins is by referring our site to your friends.

  1. After login just go to My Account and there you can see a unique reference URL link which you have to copy and send to all your friends.
  2. When any of your friends click on that link and create an account on our site that will be counted as a reference and it will be added in your reference list.
  3. Once your friend login into his account he will become an active user of this site and you will be given 150 CG coins for each active reference.

ii) Win a position in Reward Games : Play Reward Games and try to achieve 1st , 2nd or 3rd position.

  1. If you achieve 1st position in a game you will receive 30 CG coins .
  2. If you achieve 2nd position in a game you will receive 20 CG coins.
  3. If you achieve 3rd position in a game you will receive 10 CG coins.
Note : Each time you play a game 2 CG coins will be deducted from your account.

iii) Get Qualify Scores in Reward Games : In each Reward Game there is a qualify score described in Reward Chart. If you score equals or higher to Qualify scores then you will receive 4 CG coins.

4) Exchange gifts with your CG coins:

Just visit our Gift shop for exclusive gifts which you can exchange with your CG coins. Each gift has its cost in form of CG coins and the same amount of CG coins will be deducted from your Money Bag. The gift will be dispatched to your desired location.

NOTE : What will happen if i lost all my CG Coins:

If you are out of CG Coins and your money bag is empty don't worry as soon you spend your last CG Coin and lost that, 300 CG Coins will be automatically credited to your account so that you can keep on playing your favorate games. It is a repetitive procedure everytime you are out of CG Coins, you will be given CG Coins again and again for lifetime. CG Coins are only used to create a feeling among you guys that you feel like playing games in any game parlour where you have to pay and play games but here you don't have to pay anything to play any games. All games are free of cost and CG Coins are unlimited.