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Where's My Water?

Primary Category:Puzzle
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(Avg: 4.61 of 99 ratings)
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Added Date: 08 June 2012
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It is a game which will addict you. You will spend your whole day on it but you will never get bored.  In this game an alligator wants to take a bath but some why the water is not available as it is blocked. Now you have to make a way for the water that swampy (alligator) gets showered. The swampy will be having difficulty to get water as other alligators do not want that swampy should take a bath. We have to make a way for the water that swampy can take a bath but thedifficulty will increase level to level as now the other alligators are also trying to stop swampy. Now you can play Where’s my water not only on android but also on your personal computer. You can now play Where’s my water onlinefor free. Where’s my water was developed by Disney’s best designers ever.  Once you open the water for swampy and when the swampy gets enough water then you have cleared the level. Three ducks are also in the way of water which absorb water and are collected as bonus points.


Where’s my water is a game which is published by Disney. This game was firstly published for Apple iOS and Android.  Now you can play where’s my water on your personal computer. This game is really appreciated for its graphical design and gameplay.  Swampy which is an alligator living down the earth hates being dirty and wants to take a bath but the water is short so we have to make a passage for the water that it may take a shower. This game was released on 2011 September. It is categorized in puzzle activity and got the ratings of 5 out of 5 by chill games. The game went much famous that Disney made other versions and also made some new games with new characters like swampy.


Where’s my water game is really praised for its graphics and sound effects.  The great number of gamers has rated it at 5 stars. It is a great puzzle game which is not that hard but not so easy also. It is a good practice for your mind and it is a great puzzle you will love solving it with crisp graphics and having high resolution colors.  Many people purchase it but now you can play Where’s my water online free. Not only different gamers but many gaming companies have also praised the game for the sequence and base used for the game. It is a good game for children and adults also and for all those who are interested in gaming. I myself appreciate the game as I have played the game for many times and feel addicted while playing my heart just don’t let me go anywhere else while playing the game.


Use your mouse to interact objects for guiding the water to Swampy. To be successful, you need to be clever and keep an eye out for algae, toxic ooze, triggers, and traps. Every drop counts!

Control Scheme:

You just have to move the mouse and press the left click of the mouse to make the passage it quite easy to control the game through your mouse cursor.

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