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Armed With Wings Culmination

Primary Category:Action
Secondary Category: adventure
(Avg: 4.5 of 126 ratings)
Game Played: 263
Added Date: 09 June 2012
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Armed With Wings Culmination is an all-action sword fighting platform game for teens where you play the role of “Armed with Wings” at the final stages of his destiny – that of slaying the evil tyrant king Vandheer Lorde – the one who destroyed his rebel army. This final part in the Armed with Wings series of games is a dark and shadowy adventure with some super-slick sword moves, awesome combat tactics and wildly chaotic action. It’s a rich and unforgettable gaming experience – hours upon hours of addicting fun and entertainment! Enjoy!


Follow the in-game instructions as you play the game. Use the following keys on your computer keyboard to play: (UP) Jump, (LEFT) Move Left, (RIGHT) Move Right. To attack, use the following letter keys: (A) Strike – For a chain attack with your sword, tap the (A) key three times in succession. Press (S) for a Double Strike, (D) for a Power Strike and (W) for an Ultimate Strike. (A), (S), (D) and (W) can be used together to create awesome combos. Tap (UP) against a wall to jump (rebound off walls). Attacking enemies will fill the special bars – enabling you to perform more strikes. Specials unlock new abilities and attacks.

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